If you have an item that you would like to consign, email photographs along with any pertinent information to us and we will evaluate it for you. We will then research the item(s) and try to determine its value in current markets. If we find that your item has potential value of $500 or more, we could professionally list it on EBay for you or live auction or sale. We would need to have your item shipped to us or brought to our location for detailed photographs. After we've completed our research, taken photographs and completed any necessary advertising, your item(s) will be ready to be listed or sold at auction. All auctions are listed for ten days without any reserve. After an item is sold and payment is processed, the consignor (you) will be paid 65% of the selling price. Eastpoint is responsible for all EBay and or Auction and PayPal fees, cost for advertisement, as well as as packing and shipping cost

How to Consign