Estate Clean Out Services‚Äč

Custom Service Inc. offers estate clean out and partial clean out services (basement,attic,etc.) or downsizing. We are dedicated to our clients personal satisfaction and we provide the utmost in efficiency and reliability to meet our clients goals whether liquidating and entire estate, downsizing for relocation or preparing for the real estate market. 

CSI understands how sensitive estate clean outs can be and we will be there for you through every step of the process. My experience in the antique auction business has given me an idea of what items are valuable, salable , useful or disposable. What may take a family months or even years to clean out a home can be done quickly with CSI

We specialize in homes that need a great deal of sorting and large volumes of accumulated assets and property. Most homes contain massive amount of paperwork, memorabilia, mementos and other items that the families have collected over the years. For many, the thought of trying to get rid of their home of these items is not only overwhelming, but emotional and exhausting CSI specializes in sorting through the items that are leftover after the families have taken their personal belongings and sifting through them to see what the family may have missed, what is valuable and what needs to be disposed of. Depending on what the client wants to accomplish, CSI has connections with charitable organizations, Auctions, Antique dealers and consignment shops and will provide receipts for tax purposes. We use every effort to utilize all of the above services before we dispose of anything.  

When an appointment is set, we will meet with the client and discuss what items the family will be taking and tag them and the rest of the stuff will be sorted and sold, donated or disposed of. Since many of the family members are out of town when a loved one passes we can help facilitate the process when your time may be limited. We can provide the family with vendors for different services they may need after the clean out process, such as an electrician, plumber, landscaper or real estate agents.

We work primarily in Baltimore MD. Most of our business comes from referrals from previous clients. We pride ourselves on being fair and honest and would be happy to provide written references.